EC Cadet Girls DAY 6 – Title to Russia, Czech takes silver!

Written by Dan Krejčířík on .

The first game of the final day on EC was duel between the Netherlands and Russia. The winner advances to evening finals, the loser takes the bronze medal.

Netherlands - Russia 2:3

Since the opening pitch a great softball was played. Dutch team entered to the game better and made three quick outs in defense and then on the bottom 1ts managed to score first run of the game. It was classic situation when leadoff batter Damishah Charles got on base for balls, next two sacrifice hits moved her to the third and offensive attack completed Isa Los with a single to the outfield. Dutch struck for the second time on the 3rd inning in similar way as they scored for the first time on 1st inning. Russian team finally said its word in this game on the 4th inning. Anastasia


Total standing

Written by Tomáš Grepl on .

Total standing

1. Russia

2. Czech Republic

3. Netherlands

4. Belgium

5. Germany

6. Great Britain

7. Poland

8. Slovakia

9. Romania

10. Serbia

11. Ukraine

12. Lithuania


Cadet Girls DAY 5 - Czech team in the finals!

Written by Dan Krejčířík on .

The fifth day of EC cadet girls opened the battle for the 7th place between Slovakia and Poland.

Slovakia - Poland 4:7
The players from Poland broke through in the game first on the 2nd inning when they took advantage of several errors in Slovakian defense and took the lead 2-0. Polish offensive attack continued on the 3rd inning and combination of three hits with errors in Slovakian defense resulted to another three runs and it seemed to be clear Polish game. But Slovakian girls didn't want to accept this fact. They fought back on the 4th inning and reduced the score to one behind. Slovakian chance went out right on the 5th inning when Polish team again made use of several errors in Slovakian defense and put on board another two runs. By the end of the game nothing has


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