Wednesday – Day third

Written by Martin Bohoněk on .

So everyone has looked forward to evening match that should decide on the final order in the group B. This game was played by home team Arrows and Danish United. Danish woman stood at his best pitching Dawon Millwood. On the other side there was Hanka Mikeskova. It was mainly a fight of pitchers. In the second inning, the first error was made by United defense and Sabina Vítková reached first point for Arrows. The enthusiasm did not last so long. At the bottom of third inning Danish team hit a single, triple to center field then they put a bunt – it meant their lead 2:1. Score was changing again in the fifth inning, when Lucie Skopcova hit inpark homerun and tied the game. But at the bottom of this inning Arrows defence made an error and gave to United a lead. In seventh inning Arrows had last chance to win or tie this game. After couple of hits they scored an important point and the game went to the extra inning. In this inning nobody scored, however, Arrows and United had chances to score. After this extra inning was match interrupted due to dark and will be played out on Thursday morning.