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Daily Report Day 3

The Bonn Capitals holds the first game of Day 3. They will be going against Biotechkomanda KNTU. The Capitals are going into the game undefeated. While Biotechkomanda KNTU is coming off from a great win from day 2. Felix Hoffmann is the starting pitcher for the Capitals and for Biotechkomanda KNTU it is Maksym Lisnytskyi. After a quick first inning the score was 0-0 with zero hits. Hoffmann was able to keep Biotechkomanda KNTU scoreless even after allowing one hit. Both teams were able to get a hit in the 2nd inning but was not able to score. Biotechkomanda KNTU was the first to score. A sacrifice hit allowed Oleksandr Mamontov to score. After two more singles, Kostiantyn Boiko nailed in a 3-run homer. The Capitals retaliated with a 2-run home run from Daniel Lamb-Hunt. Right after that home run, Maurice Wilhelm hit a homer of his own. After a eventful 3rd inning the score is 3-4 with Biotechkomanda KNTU in the lead. Boiko had a single up the middle and that brought Ievgenii Poliakov to home from 3rd. Biotechkomanda KNTU added in another run in the 4th inning, after Illia Velikii scored from a single by Oleksandr Sotiriadi. The Capitals was not able to return the favor and the score at the end of 4th is 3-6. Vladyslav added another run in the 5th inning for Biotechkomanda KNTU. 14 hits later Bonn Capitals made a pitching change and brought in Jan Jakub to pitch in the 5th inning. Roman Boiko gave Jakub a good welcoming by slamming in a 3-run homer. The score going into the 7th inning is 4-10 with Biotechkomanda KNTU in the lead. Biotechkomanda KNTU finally took the starting pitcher, Maksym Lisnytskyi, out in the bottom of the 8th. Dymtro Limarenko is now in as pitcher. Biotechkomanda KNTU was able to end the 8th inning with a double play by getting the guy going to 2nd and the one going to 1st. The Capitals made another pitching change and added Eric Brenk to the mound. The Capitals added a run in the ninth by a double from Maurice Wilhelm. Capitals added another run again from a single from Kevin Van Meensel. Vincent Ahrens with a sacrifice hit to add in another run. That Capitals added in one more run to make the score 8-10. Bonn Capitals was not able to finish the comeback due to a double play including a nice catch from the third baseman to get the hitter out and then throwing it to first to get that guy out. Therefore Biotechkomanda KNTU pulls off the win with the final score as 8-10.

The second game played in Arrows Park was the Borgerhout Squirrels up against the Therwil Flyers. Both teams are coming off from some close losses yesterday. The starting pitcher for Borgerhout Squirrels is J. Van Droogenbroeck and Michael Kratz is the starting pitcher for the Flyers. The Squirrels are the first to get on the board with a double by Joannes Ochoa Blanco to bring in Tim Veraghtert and Drew Janssen. Borgerhout Squirrels added 4 more runs in the next inning to increase the lead to 6. The Therwil Flyers finally replied back with a 2-run homer in the 3rd. After the 3rd inning the score is 6-3 with the Squirrels ahead. The Squirrels made the first pitching change by bringing in Ken Van Den Brandon. Both teams were able to score 1 run in the 5th. Two scoreless innings later, the Therwil Flyers brought in Adrian Kaufmann to pitch. At the end of the 7th, the score was 7-4. Borgerhout Squirrels added two more runs in the 8th inning. Drew Janssen and Steven De Iannoy were the runners that made it home for the Squirrels. After a tough fought game, the Borgerhout Squirrels captured the win. Final score 9-4.

Templiers Senart and Olimpija 83 Karlovac played in Frydek-Mistek today. Templiers Senart are looking to get back up after being scoreless against the Ostrava Arrows last night. After getting 16 runs in yesterday’s game, Olimpija 83 Karlovac are looking to do the same this game. Slobodan Gales opened up the game with a 2-run homer for Olimpijia 83 Karlovac. Templiers Senart added in a run of there own in the second inning. The score after the second inning was 1-2. Jose Diaz nailed a home run for Karlovac in the 3rd inning. Senart returned with a 3-run homer to tie the game. 4-4 is the score going into the 4th inning. With the bases loaded, Templiers Senart added in another run after Felix Brown was hit in the foot from the ball with the bases being loaded. After 4 innings the score is 6-4 with Senart in the lead. Karlovac answered back with a 2-run homer by Phillip Smith to tie the game. A single by Florian Peyrichou brought in two runs in the 5th inning for Senart. Right after that a double from Felix Brown brought in one more run. Templiers Senart made a pitching change in 6th inning and Matt Brelle Andrade is now pitching. The scoring going into the 7th is 10-6 with Senart still in the lead. Slobodan Gales hammered in a 2-run homer for Olimpija 83 Karlovac to shorten the lead by 2. A single by Dario Vojak led to a runner coming home and evened the game. After allowing 4 runs in the 7th, Senart decided to take out Brelle Andrade and put in Robert Palencia. Another single hit from Olimpija 83 Karlovac brought in another runner. That put Karlovac in the lead by 1 and finished the inning with 5 runs. Karlovac also made a pitching change in the 7th inning by adding Justin Olic to the mound. Alexander Perdomo added a run for Senart to tie the game. Then Raudelin Legra Perez hit a single that sent another runner him putting Senart back in the lead. Brice Lorienne had a triple but was only able to bring one runner home as the other one got tagged out at home. Templiers Senart countered Karlovac’s 5 run inning with 4 runs. This was just enough to put Senart up by 3 going into the 8th. Alen Vukmirovic is now pitching for Olimpija 83 Karlovac. Due to Vukmirovic getting injured Karlovac changed pitchers again by putting Benjamin Paulic in. Senart closed the 8th inning by getting 6 runs in. The lead going into the 9th was 20-11 with Senart in the lead. A very high scoring game with the total runs being 31. Final score 20-11 with Templiers Senart as the victors.

To wrap up day 3 of the CEB Cup, we have the Ostrava Arrows battling against Minsk. The Arrows are also coming into this game undefeated and with a lot of momentum. Minsk is coming off from a close loss yesterday. Even thought they were able to score 13 runs, it just was not enough to win. The Ostrava Arrows starting pitcher is Matej Satoria and Dzmitry Dziamyanenka is the starting pitcher for Minsk. The Arrows was the first to score. Minsk walked Tomas Junec while the bases were loaded and this sent Radim Novotny home. Right after that, Ales Navratil was hit by a pitch and this sent Jakub Grepl home. Minsk then pulled Dziamyanenka out of the game and replaced him with Mikhail Kechko. A Anthony Cipolla single down the middle brought Tomas Junec and Terrell Joyce home. After the first inning was finally done, the Arrows were able to get 5 total runs. After allowing two more runs in the 3rd, Minsk switched the pitcher out with Kiryl Lapchanka. Terrell Joyce gave Lapchanka a warm welcoming by hammering in the first grand slam of the tournament! The Ostrava Arrows finished the 3rd inning with 6 runs. This making the score 11-0. The Arrows scored again in the 5th inning. Navratil single was enough for Tomas Ondra to score. Jakub Kubica was able to bring Junec home with a double. Jakub Kaplan hit a double of his own and also brought Navratil home to end the game early. The game ended in the 5th inning with the final score being 15-0.

A high scoring day 3 of the CEB Cup. With the preliminary round done, the semi final is next. The first game will be Borgerhout Squirrels vs Templiers Senart. This game will be play in Arrows Park at 13:30. The winner of this game will advance to the finals. The next two games will be Olimpija 83 Karlovac vs Therwil Flyers (Frydek-Mistek) and Biotechkomanda KNTU vs Minsk (Arrows Park). Both are played at 16:00. Finally the Arrows will play in the last game against the Bonn Capitals. The winner of this game will advance to the final as well.
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