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Semifinals Daily Report

To start the Semifinal round off, we have Borgerhout Squirrels facing off against Templiers Senart in Arrows Park. The Squirrels are coming off from a 9-4 win against the Therwil Flyers. Templiers Senart is coming off from a 20-run game. Senart has been a high scoring team for this whole tournament. If the Squirrels want to win they will need to somehow keep the run totals down for them. The winner of this game will advance to the final game. Borgerhout Squirrels starting pitcher is Romu. Sanchez Oviedo and for Senart it is Robert Palencia. Neither team was able to get a run in the 1st. With some impressive pitching from Romu. Sanchez Oviedo, he was able to keep Senart from getting a hit. Nothing much happened in the second inning except for the Squirrels got a hit.  Romu. Sanchez Oviedo added 3 more strikeouts in the 3rd inning. The Squirrels was the first team to get on the board. Steven De Iannoy had a single that brought Ashley Thys home. Joannes Ochoa Blanco had a triple and therefore brought in two more runs for the Squirrels. The Squirrels are in the lead by 3 going into the 4th inning. The Squirrels added one more triple hit and another run from it. After a wild pitch from Palencia, the Squirrels added another run. With some excellent pitching and defense from the Squirrels they are able to keep Senart scoreless. 5-0 is the score going into the 6th inning. In the 6th inning, Alexander Perdomo ran home and became the first one to score for Senart. Tom Veraghtert nailed the first home run of the day. That pushed the Squirrels lead to 5. Borgerhout Squirrels are in the lead with 6 runs while Templiers Senart has 1 run. No pitching changes has been made through 7 innings. A wild pitch from Romu. Sanchez Oviedo gave Senart another run. Right after that, Raudelin Legra Perez hit a home run and added one more run for the inning. Senart was able to keep the Squirrels from scoring. Therefore, the score going into the 9th is 6-3 with Borgerhout Squirrels in the lead. After Romu. Sanchez Oviedo allowed 3 walks, Florian Peyrichou hit a single to bring a runner home. This making the Squirrels up by only 2 runs. The Templiers was not able to score two more times. Therefore the game ended with the score being 6-3 and Borgerhout Squirrels are heading to the finals!  

The next game played in Arrows Park was Biotechkomanda KNTU vs Minsk. Minsk is coming off from a tough defeat against the Arrows and Biotechkomanda KNTU is coming off from a great win against the Capitals. Biotechkomanda KNTU is also looking to make a point that they should have been competing for a spot to play in the final. Due to a three-way tie in group A for 1st place, Biotechkomanda KNTU did not make the cut and got 3rd place. The starting pitchers for each team is Heorgii Hvrytishvili (Biotechkomanda KNTU) and Denis Leonov (Minsk).  Biotechkomanda KNTU is the first one to score in the game. Denys Brechko had a single to right center. It was far enough to bring in Illia Velikii. Minsk was able to return the favor in the 3rd inning. Anton Pryputnevich had a 2-run homer in the 3rd. This put Minsk up on top by 1.  Yauheni Kurhun was able to score after Biotechkomanda KNTU walked Andrei Tatarevich with the bases loaded. Allowing 3 runs in the 3rd caused Biotechkomanda KNTU to change pitchers. Kostiantyn Chukhas is the new pitcher for Biotechkomanda KNTU. Chukhas finished the inning out with a strikeout. After two scoreless inning for both teams; Biotechkomanda KNTU ended the drought in the 6th with a Chukhas double that brought in Oleksandr Sotiriadi home from 1st. Biotechkomanda KNTU was close to making the game even in the 8th inning. Kostiantyn Boiko was so close to scoring but he was tagged out at home plate. Another two scoreless innings, Minsk is heading into the 9th ahead by 1. Minsk increased the lead from a single from Yauheni Kurhun that lead Yauheni Karalevich to score.  Minsk added in another run in the next hit. One hit later, Biotechkomanda KNTU moved Denys Brechko to pitcher. Two singles later, Minsk added in yet another run. Minsk finished the 9th inning with 3 more runs.  Biotechkomanda KNTU was able to get 2 more runs but that was not enough to catch up to Minsk. Minsk pulled off the victory with the final score 4-6. 

Olimpija 83 Karlovac and Therwil Flyers both played against each other in Frydek-Mistek. Both teams are coming off from a loss yesterday, including Olimpija 83 Karlovac scoring 11 runs but also giving up 20 runs to Templiers Senart. Justin Olic is the starting pitcher for Olimpija 83 Karlovac and the starting pitcher for the Flyers is Matt Watson. With some good pitching and defense, Olimpija 83 Karlovac and the Therwil Flyers both remained scoreless after the 3rd. Finally, in the 4th inning someone scored. Takanobu Oshima for the Therwil Flyers had a double that brought in two runners: Adrian Kaufmann and Stefan Koller. Olimpija 83 Karlovac scored a run as well; with Dario Vojak getting grounded out and Phillip Smith running to home. 1-2 is the score after 4 innings with the Flyers up.  The Flyers added another run after a throwing error from Justin Olic. Tommy Lyons was able to score off a single from Michael Kratz. The Flyers are on a roll in the 5th with the bases being loaded and with zero outs. Justin Olic realized the situation he was in and made the most of it. He was able to get 2 strikeouts and a ground out with the bases being loaded. The Flyers finished the inning with only 2 added runs. Karlovac returned the favor and loaded up the bases as well but Matt Watson had different plans and he struck out the next 2 batters to end the inning.   Flyers continue the run streak and added one more run in the 6th.  1-5 was the score heading into the 8th. Karlovac decided to make some changes to the defense by adding Vlastim Arandelovic to play as pitcher. The Flyers added 5 more runs in the 8th, including a 3-run homer from Tommy Lyons. Stefan Koller is in to pitch for the Flyers in the 8th inning. Olimpija 83 Karlovac made a pitching change as well. Benjamin Paulic is in for Karlovac to finish out the game. The Flyers added in two more runs in the 9th to make the score 1-12. The Therwil Flyers won. Final score 1-12. 

To end the semifinal off with a bang, we have the Ostrava Arrows facing off against the Bonn Capitals. The Arrows are coming into the game undefeated and as the best team in Group B. The winner of this game will advance to the finals to play against the Borgerhout Squirrels. Bonn Capitals is coming off from a tough defeat yesterday against Biotechkomanda KNTU, but they are looking to bounce back. The starting pitcher for the Arrows is Ondrej Satoria and for Bonn Capitals it is Markus Solbach. Both teams only allowed 1 hit during the 1st inning. The game is scoreless after 1. The Capitals was the first to score. Kevin Van Meensel had a single down the middle in the 2nd which led the way for the runner to score. Right after that, Ondrej Satoria had a impressive catch to get the batter out and then he threw it straight to 1st to get a runner out. After 2 innings, the Arrows are down 1 against the Capitals. The Arrows ended the drought in the 4th inning and took the lead with a 2-run homer from Michael Vykoukal!  The score heading into the 5th is 2-1 with Arrows on top. Christopher Goebel was able to tie the game for the Capitals with his double in the 6th. The Capitals added in two more runs in the 6th after Kevin Ven Meensel had a single. The Capitals gathered 3 runs in the top of the 6th. The Arrows was not able to answer back. 2-4 is the score heading into the 7th. In the start of the 8th inning, the Arrows added Marko Vykoukal to the mound to take over. The Arrows are down by 2 runs going into the 9th. They have not been able to get any runs in for 4 innings. The Capitals added in another run in the 9th to push the lead to 3 runs. Maurice Wilhelm nailed in 2-run homer to put even more pressure on the Arrows. The Arrows made a change in the pitchers. Adding Christopher Burkholder to the mound. Bonn Capitals has decided to put Sascha Koch in to close the game out. Terrell Joyce gave him a very warm welcoming and does what he usually does and slams in a home run! The Arrows was not able to score any more runs but they gave everything they had. Bonn Capitals advances to the finals. 

A very tense tournament day with so many close games. Tomorrow is the final day for the CEB Cup. The schedule goes as follow: first game will be Ostrava Arrows vs Templiers Senart at 13:30 in Arrows Park, Olimpijia 83 Karlovac and Biotechkomanda KNTU at 12:00 in Frydek-Mistek, and the game for 1st place will be Borgerhout Squirrels vs Bonn Capitals at 19:00 in Arrows Park. 

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