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Final Daily Report

Olimpija 83 Karlovac and Biotechkomanda KNTU competed for the 7th and 8th place of the CEB Cup. The game was held in Frydek-Mistek at 12:00. Jose Diaz is the starting pitcher for Olimpijia 83 Karlovac and Sergii Shtapura for Biotechkomanda KNTU. Olimpijia 83 Karlovac was the first one to get on the board. Jose Diaz had a single down the left side of the field. That brought in two runners for Olimpija 83 Karlovac. After the 1st inning of play, Olimpija 83 Karlovac is in the lead with 2 runs. After not scoring anything in the 1st inning, Biotechkomanda KNTU came back with their first run of the day. Kostiantyn Boiko had the honor of being Biotechkomanda KNTU first run. Biotechkomanda KNTU got another run in the next inning to tie the game . Denys Brechko had a single up the middle that brought Illia Velikii home. Olimpijia 83 Karlovac was able to take the lead again after Vlastim Arandelovic hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 3rd. Biotechkomanda KNTU shorten the lead to one after getting in another run in the 4th. Biotechkomanda KNTU made the first pitching change with Vitalii Chukhrii coming in to pitch. The score after 4 innings is 4-3 with Olimpija 83 Karlovac in the lead. Biotechkomanda KNTU tied the game in the 6th inning when Kostiantyn Chukhas had a single to left field. With that single, Brechko was able to score. The score was tied till the 8th inning. With Kostiantyn Boiko double, Biotechkomanda KNTU was able to bring Heorgii Hvrytishvili home. The game was delayed in the bottom of the 9th due to rain. Biotechkomanda KNTU is ahead by 1 run with only 2 outs remaining to end the game. Olimpija 83 Karlovac has one guy at first. Karlovac did not get the chance to finish the inning out as the game was called due to poor field conditions. Final score is 4-5 with Biotechkomanda KNTU as the winner.

Ostrava Arrows and Templiers Senart battled for 3rd place today in Arrows Park. The game started at 13:30. Both teams were not able to make it to the finals after losing yesterday. The Arrows starting pitcher is Boris Bokaj and Templiers Senart starting pitcher is Matt Brelle Andrade. The Arrows had the first run of the day in the 1st. An infield error from Senart was the reason why the Arrows scored. That was the only run in the whole 1st inning. With some impressive pitching and fielding; both teams were able to keep each other from getting a score in the 2nd. A double from Jakub Malik gave the Arrows two more runs in the 3rd. Right after that Terrell Joyce hammered in a 2-run homer. Junec Tomas added in another run for the Arrows after he ran home. After allowing 5 runs in the 3rd, Templiers Senart made a change at the mound with Raudelin Legra Perez coming in to pitch. Arrows got another run in due to Senart walking the batter while the bases were loaded. Arrows keeps increasing the runs in the 3rd inning as they get yet another runner home. The Arrows finished with a total of 7 runs just in the 3rd inning. Boris Bokaj had a no-hitter for the Arrows after 4 innings. Tempers started flaring for both teams in the 4th. Even Mother Nature got involved and you could hear her storms coming in. Senart finally got a hit on Boris Bokaj in the 5th inning. After keeping the Arrows scoreless for 3 innings, Templiers Senart made a pitching change and added Brice Lorienne to the mound to pitch. The game ended in the 6th inning due to rain. Final score 8-0. With that win the Arrows will take the 3rd spot in the CEB Cup.

For the final game of the CEB Cup we had a rematch of the Borgerhout Squirrels vs Bonn Capitals. The last time these two teams played, Capitals won 8-11. The Squirrels are looking to make sure that this does not happen again. Riley Barr will be the starting pitcher for the Bonn Capitals and Ken. Van Den Brandon will be the starting pitcher for the Borgerhout Squirrels. Nothing much happened in the 1st inning, except for Bonn Capitals getting a hit. After 3 innings, neither team has been able to get a run in. Squirrels have not been able to even get a hit in. The Squirrels finally got a hit on the board in the 4th inning. The hitter did not stay on the base long as he was caught stealing. Impressive pitching and some excellent defense from both teams as the score going into the 7th inning is 0-0. Borgerhout Squirrels was the first one to get on the board and it was in the 7th inning. Joannes Ochoa Blanco single down the middle brought in the runners from 2nd and 3rd. Going into the 8th, the Squirrels are up by 2 runs. The Squirrels open up the 8th inning with a pitching change. Romu. Sanchez Oviedo is in to finish the game for the Squirrels. The Capitals need 2 runs in the 9th just to tie the game. After a hard fought 9th inning the Squirrels was able to shut the game out. Romu. Sanchez Oviedo had 3 strikeouts in the 9th to wrap up the Game and the tournament. Final score 2-0. Borgerhout Squirrels are the winner of the CEB Cup.

Final day of tournament play is finally over. The final standing goes as follow:8th place is Olimpija 83 Karlovac, 7th is Biotechkomanda KNTU, Therwil Flyers and Minsk both tied for the 5th spot, 4th is Templiers Senart, 3rd is Ostrava Arrows, 2nd is Bonn Capitals , and finally the winner of the CEB Cup is Borgerhout Squirrels!

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