Klub - Aktuality

Tuesday – Day second

On the first day the results could tell who should be the tournament favorite. Therefore, we were full of expectation, what will be on Tuesday. Immediately at 10:00 was seen probably the most exciting match of the day. Swedish Skovde played with London Angels. Leadership to embrace English team, right in the first inning. When for the third inning added another points it seemed to Skovde unwell. However, at the bottom of this inning the Swedish girls tied this game. That was probably the turning point of this match, because in following innings Angels not add points. Conversely Skovde added point in 4th inning, as well as in the sixth thanks to a good performance at bat came to win 4-2.

In other matches, the teams have already showed composure, then Slovaks from Trnava beated in the "race" Polish Brzeg 16:13. Similarly tied United won 2-0 over Ladonas, Prince slost with Angles 3:7. Eagles and also Les Comanches won over home team Arrows (7:1 and 10:3). It should be noted, that at the beginning of both matches our girls played very well. It was always a failure in one of the innings, when rivals significantly expressed at bat.

However, nothing is still definitely lost. The third day should be moving day. Neither the home team isn’t without chance of advancement. Their important match with the Danish United starts at 18:00.

  • Turnaj: Evropský Pohár Žen B (ECWB)