Klub - Aktuality

Saturday – day sixth, the last

This is the last day of the tournament. The program are only two games. Morning match between Les Comanches and Eagles Lucern. The winner has a chance to play finals. French were dominating in this match. After the result 6:0 for Les Comanches we know teams for the final match.
At five o'clock in the afternoon the final match could start. Organizers were lucky that they avoied the rain. The introduction was for Swedish Skovde and they scored 2 points.

French girls couldn’t hit their shots between defense players so the score didn’t change due to the excellent pitchers.
In the fifth inning Swedish girls scored another point. French team could occupy all bases just with one aut, but the runners fault gave them last chance to win. In the end of the match Swedish team guarded their victory, also due to their best pitcher.
Skovde won in the record 3:0.
Closing ceremony could begin. Were given medals and cups. Were declared best players in the tournament. Final party could begin.

Thanks to ESF for the opportunity to host this important tournament. We have been delighted. Thank s to all teams for a great softball. Thanks to all volunteers and organizaters, without them the tournament couldn’t be played. Thanks and see you next time.

  • Turnaj: Evropský Pohár Žen B (ECWB)